A Sci-Fi and Fantasy Writer With a Biology Degree

When you earn a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences, you learn about a lot of cool stuff. From microscopic organisms that call deep-sea hydrothermal vents home to the terrifying implications of parasitic mistletoe, I ground a lot of my work in natural phenomena.

A small stuffed camel sits atop a rock covered in lichen. In the background are mountains and trees.

The natural world can be an inspiration for writing beyond historical fiction or contemporary literature. In the above image, the rock is covered in lichen. Lichen are a symbiotic relationship between an algae and fungus and are an inspiration for several of my sci-fi aliens and fantasy species.

Though I started my following talking about my constructed languages on TikTok (a hobby which I also incorporate into my work), I gained my main support base through releasing my sci-fi horror mini-series Obligate and its accompanying prequel series, POV: You’re Friends With the Only Human on the Spaceship.

Currently, I am working on a sequel series to Obligate and a prequel podcast to POV: You’re Friends With the Only Human on the Spaceship in addition to editing my debut novel The Astroauroran Chronicles: Frigid Receptions.