When I started writing science fiction, I never imagined that’d I’d write in a single, shared universe, but as I continue writing series, I feel compelled to add to my existing worldbuilding.

Anyways, here’s the timeline of all my series so far. I’ll update it as I add new media:

Date (CE/AD)Major EventsRelevant Character AgesRelevant Media
2205OpilioneCo’s servers are hit with a virus that attempts to wipe the tomato genome out of existenceEstelle (32)Plenty of Tomatoes in the Sea
2984Tommy Smith’s body is taken over by an obligate parasiteTamara “Tommy” Smith (25)Obligate Prequel
2985Marion MacCormick takes a contract aboard the Li’Luren

The Li’Luren disaster
Marion MacCormick (27)
Tommy Smith (26)
Tam MacCormick (9)
2989 Serendipity Boston (16)
Merriment “Meri” Boston (25)
Joy Boston (33)
Glee Boston (25)
The Boston Androids
A timeline of canon events