A concept sketch of a human-like alien with tubes coming out of her back and sunglasses on her face. She has gills and sharp teeth. The text on screen reads "Main air composition adjuster," "Blood pH balancer," "Sun shades to dim light around eyes," and "lower 1/2 mask to completely cover nose, mouth, and gills"

This was an early idea for what a Lacerti could look like. It was mid-pandemic, and I had just gotten into Star Trek: TNG. As a certified biology gal, I wanted to see more intricate life-support systems for the non-human characters. From this, I got a basic design for the aliens I would eventually call Lacerti. In later drafts, I’d go further with the inhuman qualities (see below for a more recent look), but I do appreciate this design for what it inspired.

When I first started writing my novel in progress, it was supposed to be an original Star Trek story called Star Trek: Apgar. This was my design for a TNG-era Starfleet uniform modified for my protagonist, then called Lieutenant Commander Beshan.

Art from the story Outside the Scope of Assignment, The Story of Lhai of Vulcan, associated with the project UWNY Student Radio on TikTok.