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Relationship Words in Lacerti

As a culture, the speakers of Lacerti highly value family and community connections. When I was developing the language, family and relationship words were some of the first I created.

Root WordVariations (ipa)Part of Speech MeaningNotes
(kɛʃ / kɛʃ.er)
PhraseHi/Hello (a way of greeting someone)
n.Friend, acquaintance
(kɛ:ʃ or ke:ʃ)
v.To enjoy
Proper NounThe homeworld of LacertiMost Lacerti speakers would refer to their species as Kesherti
n.Home in the abstract sense, can be used to refer to someone who feels like home
n.Home in the literal sense, the place where you reside 
Keshsonll Keshsonll
n.Stranger (archaic)Made by adding the word for friend to the word meaning unfamiliar or zero
n.Stranger (modern)The suffix “-vi” means “not” or “without”
v.To look at someone strangely/with suspicion
n.Romantic partner, spouse Title used post marriage spar
n.Romantic partner, significant otherTitle used pre marriage spar
n.Caregiver, MotherLacerti as a species have one sex and three genders, this word is used for only one gender
n.Caregiver of your caregiver, grandmother
n.Strength, the concept of strength
v.To create a physical thing
Proper NounThe Lacerti people/speciesVery clinical sounding, a Lacerti speaker would probably call themselves Lacerti but their species Kesherti
n.Caregiver, ParentLacerti as a species have one sex and three genders, this word is used for only one gender
n.Caregiver of your caregiver, grandparent 
v.To exist in more than one state of being 
n.Family, the glass family crest necklace given to a Lacerti child at age 24 to signify adulthood 
n.Caregiver, fatherLacerti as a species have one sex and three genders, this word is used for only one gender
n.Caregiver of your caregiver, grandfather
v.To create an abstract thing
A table of common Lacerti family words

Counting In Lacerti

Back when I was consistently drawing concept art, I found myself drawing all Lacerti (the amphibious, web-handed speakers of the eponymous language) with four fingers on each hand.

As a consequence, when it came time to come up with a counting system for Lacerti, I questioned if a base ten counting system (like the one English and most other languages use) would be appropriate. Why would a species that has eight fingers to count on make a language that is based in tens.

Lacerti is now base eight because of my drawing style. Though, it’s not 0-7, it’s 1-8 because Lacerti uses the word for “deception” to convey the foreign concept of zero (and totally not because I didn’t initially know how number systems work).

Lacerti NumberEnglish EquivalentLacerti NumberEnglish Equivalent
Nos1NoNos9 (2nd 1)
No2NoNo10 (2nd 2)
Sho3NoSho11 (2nd 3)
Sh4NoSh12 (2nd 4)
Shos5NoShos13 (2nd 5)
Nosh6NoNosh14 (2nd 6)
Osh7NoOsh15 (2nd 7)
Os8NoOs16 (2nd 8)
ShoNos17 (3rd 1)ShNos25 (4th 1)
ShoNo18 (3rd 2)ShNo26 (4th 2)
ShoSho19 (3rd 3)ShSho27 (4th 3)
ShoSh20 (3rd 4)ShSh28 (4th 4)
ShoShos21 (3rd 5)ShShos29 (4th 5)
ShoNosh22 (3rd 6)ShNosh30 (4th 6)
ShoOsh23 (3rd 7)ShOsh31 (4th 7)
ShoOs24 (3rd 8)ShOs32 (4th 8)
Sosh64 (1 sosh)
SoshNos65 (1st sosh 1)SoshNoNos73 (1st sosh 2nd 1)
SoshNo66 (1st sosh 2)SoshNoNo74 (1st sosh 2nd 2)
SoshSho67 (1st sosh 3)SoshNoSho75 (1st sosh 2nd 3)
SoshSh68 (1st sosh 4)SoshNoSh76 (1st sosh 2nd 4)
SoshShos69 (1st sosh 5)SoshNoShos77 (1st sosh 2nd 5)
SoshNosh70 (1st sosh 6)SoshNoNosh78 (1st sosh 2nd 6)
SoshOsh71 (1st sosh 7)SoshNoOsh79 (1st sosh 2nd 7)
SoshOs 72 (1st sosh 8)SoshNoOs80 (1st sosh 2nd 8)
NoSosh128 (2nd sosh)
NoSoshNos129 (2nd sosh 1)NoSoshNoNos137 (2nd sosh 2nd 1)
NoSoshNo130 (2nd sosh 2)NoSoshNoNo138 (2nd sosh 2nd 2)
NoSoshSho131 (2nd sosh 3)NoSoshNoSho139 (2nd sosh 2nd 3)
NoSoshSh132 (2nd sosh 4)NoSoshNoSh140 (2nd sosh 2nd 4)
NoSoshShos133 (2nd sosh 5)NoSoshNoShos141 (2nd sosh 2nd 5)
NoSoshNosh134 (2nd sosh 6)NoSoshNoNosh142 (2nd sosh 2nd 6)
NoSoshOsh135 (2nd sosh 7)NoSoshNoOsh143 (2nd sosh 2nd 7)
NoSoshOs136 (2nd sosh 8)NoSoshNoOs144 (2nd sosh 2nd 8)
Shev576 (8th sosh 8th 8)
ShevNos577 (1st shev 1)ShevNoNos585 (1st shev 2nd 1)
ShevNo578 (1st shev 2)ShevNoNo586 (1st shev 2nd 2)
ShevSho579 (1st shev 3)ShevNoSho587 (1st shev 2nd 3)
ShevSh580 (1st shev 4)ShevNoSh588 (1st shev 2nd 4)
ShevShos581 (1st shev 5)ShevNoShos589 (1st shev 2nd 5)
ShevNosh582 (1st shev 6)ShevNoNosh590 (1st shev 2nd 6)
ShevOsh583 (1st shev 7)ShevNoOsh591 (1st shev 2nd 7)
ShevOs584 (1st shev 8)ShevNoOs592 (1st shev 2nd 8)
The Lacerti Number Table up to 592


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